Art Date at the Coast!

Art Date at the Coast!

Artist Lea K. Tawd's art at the Starry Night Inn Oregon

It's funny that after my post about art dates, in which I went on a bit about it not needing to be art-related, my very first one was at an art hotel at the Oregon Coast! I had the opportunity to hang my work at the Starry Night Inn, a funky, cozy, amazing little spot in Seaside, Oregon, and I stayed the night. 

The first couple of hours I spent working, because I couldn't relax until I hung all of my art (believe me, I tried to nap first...). Then I spent the next 16 hours or so soaking up some alone time.  With a preschooler at home I don't get a lot of that other than the time I spend working.

Part of me wanted to-and felt obligated to-spend my time at the beach.  But combined with the fact that it was filled with tourists and it was extra rainy and windy that day, I just spent a moment taking it in before walking back to the hotel.  

Which was perfect.  My room was so lush, filled with cozy pillows, a comfy bed and a beautiful couch, plus a closet converted into a 2nd bedroom, all decked out in Frida Kahlo decor.  I was surrounded by comfort and art--my friend Alea Bone's and my own--what more could I want?  I wrote in my journal, colored, sketched, slept, gave myself a tarot reading, and journalled some more.

I left with a full cup, as they say, and I can't wait for my next date <3

Lobby of the Starry Night Inn at the Oregon Coast

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