Vision Boards That Truly Inspire January 18, 2018 18:28

Vision Board

Have you been wanting to create a vision board but aren't sure where to start?  Or maybe you like the idea of making one, but the idea of just pasting magazine scraps to cardboard doesn't really inspire you?

On February 10th, I am offering a vision board workshop along with Artist/Intuitive Healer Lauren Reiner of  Together, we will guide you through several modalities--meditation, movement, journaling, intuitive collage and artistic embellishment--to create a vision board that is not just a collage but a piece of art to get you focused and inspired for a long time to come.

You do not need to be an artist or have any kind of artistic experience to join us!  Although artists are always welcome, too :)  We'll provide some light refreshments and all of the supplies you need.  Sign up and get more information HERE!


2017 Year in Review January 03, 2018 18:14

Powerful goddess painting by Lea K. Tawd
"Breakthrough," 18 x 36" acrylic and pencil on canvas by Lea K. Tawd

2017 was an intense year, there's no getting around it.  The politics alone, plus several natural disasters that affected members of my family and friend circle were enough to cause some crippling anxiety.  Toddler transitions and teenager transitions abounded.  We were super lucky to have been home--and awake--when our house nearly caught on fire from an electrical issue, so were able to catch it before any real damage was done.

But not everything was bad!  I got to participate in the Women's March with a great group of mom-friends and our kids, an experience that super-charged me with a lot of great energy.  I had an amazing spiritual experience near the end of the year that inspired me to learn some new skills and intensify my art work (more on that in a future post!).  And in between I made several new friends, had the chance to get closer to some old ones, started a meditation practice, and made lots of art.

My year in art was especially exciting.  I had more commissions and sales of original paintings than ever before. I spent the year selling my work at Artistic Portland, where I met a lot of new friends and great connections before I had to make the difficult decision to leave at the end of the year.  Difficult but good--my time is very constrained and I realized that a co-op gallery isn't the right fit for me when I can't put the hours in that I need to.  

I was lucky enough to be able to participate in Alyson Stanfield's Big Table Art Retreat, where I really focused on some business goals and met more new friends!  I pushed my knowledge of mixed media with my series of Painting in the Solstice 6 x 6" paintings (and sold all but 2 of them!).  Finally, I can say that I made some of my best work to date with "Breakthrough," "Whisper," and "Storyteller."  

All of this adds up to being able to offer more of myself to all of you!  I am really excited for the upcoming year.  I will have more stories to tell you, art work to share with you, and classes to offer you.

Thank YOU for supporting me and my art in whatever way you do.  <3

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! January 10, 2016 03:00

planning 2016
I'm a week late getting to a New Year's post, but that's how life feels right now. Everything is a week late. Scratch that. Time? It is more elusive than ever.  It comes and goes on its own schedule with no regard for me. Mostly it goes and goes and goes and I am unaware of where I stand with it.  I just had to check the date in my planner to see that I was actually a week behind the New Year in my head.  Such is life with a toddler.

That may sound really negative, and sometimes it is. It's frustrating to have tons of ideas and by the time I execute them it is too late for whatever intended deadline.  But on the days when I can just go with the flow, it is freeing to live on the time of a small person as she learns and grows so quickly.  She doesn't care about time.  She only cares about stretching her little mind and body to it's limits, always pushing to grow, grow, grow. No matter how I look at it, it has been about 2 years since I was seriously able to focus on my art on a regular basis.  I want to get back into a routine so that my art and my business can begin to grow again.

So I've spent the last week mapping out the year, art goals, marketing goals, show goals.  I started a small group of other artists to share goals with and keep each other on track.  I am reading "Big Magic" to light a fire under my soul as I go.

I have some exciting goals and so much art that I can't wait to share with you! 

If you are a parent of a little one, how do you keep up with your own needs?  If you run your own business, how do you hold yourself accountable?