Art & Reiki Experiences

Contact Me: or 971.231.4501

As both an Artist and Reiki Master, there are a lot of ways to work with me!  Book a Reiki session; take a class; set a date for an art lesson or art business consulting; spend a (virtual) day with me in the studio; or let me create a custom month-long program to help you break through creative blocks and get the longer-term support you need.  

Below is more information about each option.  Not sure where to start?  Contact me and I'll help you decide.

Text reads Reiki Sessions and Workshops with an image of a smiling woman raising her hands with her palms facing the camera.a female artist with long dark hair standing in front of her art and holding paintbrushes.  there is text on the lower left corner that reads Studio ChatText reads, "A Day 'in' my Studio" overlayed on a photo of the interior of an art studio.Text reads "Four Weeks of Art and Reiki" with a photo of artist Lea K. Tawd smiling in front of her artwork