Book - Creativity Unstuck

Creativity Unstuck: a toolboox for making more art book by Lea K. Tawd. The black and white book cover is illustrated with two hands with a heart between them.  Flowers and vines flow between the hands.  A crescent moon hovers at the top of the image.

Are you an artist who has been feeling blocked lately?  Or have you always wanted to be creative but aren't sure how to get started? 

I get it.  As a professional artist for well over a decade and a half, I have suffered through many blocks to my creativity...

...and I have overcome them!  My first book, Creativity Unstuck: a toolbox for making more art will give you immediate, actionable tools for getting unstuck and making more art NOW. Each of the 10 tools is based on my own experience with getting unblocked.  

After reading this book, you will: 

  • Learn how to create the time and space your creativity craves.

  • Be able to loosen up and create something without worrying so much about the results.

  • Learn tricks to make your art-making more accessible at any given moment.

  • Be able to tune in to your body and mind as vast sources of creative inspiration.

  • Stop making excuses and start making art!

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Creativity Unstuck: a toolbox for making more art book by Lea K. Tawd. Image shows book title, two hands with a heart between them, flowers and vines flowing between the hands, and an crescent moon at the top.  The illustration is black and white on a field of teal blue.


"I'm done, I love it and I need at least 3 copies that I can count so far." -Mary Botel 

"Lea K. Tawd's book is an AMAZING resource for reconnecting with creativity in really practical ways." -Jessica Vanasse

"This is a great workbook for creatives of any age or medium. It delves beyond the scope of art making and into the soul of creativity and why we all need it now more than ever. A fabulous gift for anyone struggling to find their creative voice." -wolfiegirl Amazon review