Creativity Unstuck: The Workshop

Break through Creative Blocks

* This round of the workshop is now CLOSED.  If you want to join the next round, email me and I will put you on the list! *

The book "Creativity Unstuck: a toolbox for making more art" by Lea K. Tawd in a flatlay style with a paint palette, brushes and a tube of paint

Are you an artist who has been having a hard time making art lately?  Or have you always wanted to be more creative, but can't seem to get started? This workshop is for you!

When your creative flow is blocked, it can affect so many other aspects of your life.  I have been an artist for decades and in that time I have experienced all kinds of blocks...and found a lot of great tools for breaking through them!  I share them in my new book, Creativity Unstuck: a toolbox for making more art.  

But why go through it alone when you can do it in a community of other creatives who will give you the support and accountability you need to get out there and get creative?


In this 10 week workshop, you will:

  • Find the time you have been looking for to make art.
  • Make a space for your creative work, even if you think you don't have the space.
  • Let go of perfectionism and just have fun!
  • Create your own personal ritual to call in the Muse whenever you need her.
  • And so much more!


Be one of the first 10 people to enroll and get a special gift in the mail to help support your creativity! 

I have teamed up with Mama-Te-A to make a special blend of creativi-tea just for you!  Get a full-sized bag when you enroll today!

This 10 week workshop is only $111 and includes a free copy of "Creativity Unstuck: a toolbox for making more art."  

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All the juicy details:

  • The workshop begins on October 4th and goes for 10 weeks.
  • Meet weekly on Sundays with like-minded creatives to work through each chapter, with a follow-up Q&A on Mondays and a weekly check-in on Thursdays to help you stay on track
  • All course work will be delivered on the new Marco Polo Channels app, giving you the ultimate flexibility to interact with me and your classmates on your own time 
  • You will receive a FREE copy of my book, "Creativity Unstuck: a toolbox for making more art."
  • Be one of the first 10 to enroll and get a free specially blended bag of Mama-Te-a's Creativi-tea.


I will be hosting 3 creative circles just for you--special evenings of fun and easy art-making to get your creativity going and get to know each other better.  These will be hosted over Zoom.

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Portland Artist Lea K. Tawd

In case you don't know me yet, I am Lea K. Tawd.  I have been an artist for over 20 years, and a professional artist since 2006.  In this time I have overcome many hurdles to my creativity as well as my art career, including being a single mom, working lots of side gigs, living in a tiny space with my child, not having the time or space to make art in, imposter syndrome, and more.  Through all of that I have found ways to not only continue making art but to build my art career steadily and consistently over the years. 

I am also a Reiki Master, using energy healing to infuse my artwork and my creative practice, as well as to help others--You!--work through creative blocks and make more art.  


What is this workshop worth? 

You will be getting over 15 hours of workshop instruction and interaction.  At my current rates, this alone is a $1350 value!

A free copy of my book, valued at $12.95

3 bonus creativity circles, $60

All for only $111!


Listen, you could easily just buy the book and go through it yourself.  I wrote it so that you would have immediate, actionable steps to get through your creative blocks.  If you like to do things on your own and you are self-motivated, do it!  But with this workshop you will be getting my full support and advice for when you are resisting the steps or wanting to give up.  You will also have the support of the community of people who are in the workshop to help cheer you on and give you ideas and help when you need it.  

Are you in? 


Q: Why is this being hosted on Marco Polo instead of facebook or zoom? 

A: I want to be able to give you all of the support you need without the distraction of facebook, and on your own time.  We will have scheduled times for each session, but with Marco Polo Channels you can watch and participate whenever it fits into your schedule, without having to wade through a zoom recording or feeling like you're missing out.  I know that trying a new platform can be intimidating, but I have tried it out myself and find it very intuitive and easy to use!  I think you will really like it. 


Q: What if I've already purchased a copy of your book?

A: I will still send you a free copy that you can gift to someone who you think would like it!  If you just really don't want a 2nd copy, I can refund the book purchase.  


Q: What supplies will I need for this workshop?

A: You'll just need a copy of the book and your favorite pen!  And of course any supplies you need for the creative projects of your dreams :)  If you choose to participate in the Bonus Creativity Circles, you will only need some very basic supplies of your choosing.  More details will be available in the workshop.


Q: What is your refund policy?  

A: I have set this workshop up so that you can do it on your own time during the 10 weeks allotted. Unfortunately, I am unable to offer refunds .  However, if a major life event occurs that prevents you from participating in the workshop, please contact me and we will figure something out.  


Any other questions?  Reach out to me at  I can't wait to see you there!


Remember!  The first 10 people to register get a free bag of Creativi-tea from Mama-Te-A, along with your free book.  (Yay! Real mail!).  Registration ends on September 30th, so save your spot now!


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