Lea K. Tawd is a visual artist, author of "Creativity Unstuck: a toolbox for making more art," creativity coach and Reiki Master.  Her Reiki infused, heart-centered art is a mixed media exploration of the Divine Feminine.  When she is not painting, she loves to combine art and Reiki to help others heal their creative blocks and find their own unique voice.

Contact: Lea K. Tawd -- -- 971-231-4501


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September 25th, 2020

Episode # 47: Creativity Unstuck with Lea K. Tawd      


September 23rd, 2020

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From the Inside Out, Art by Lea K. Tawd  Family Heirloom Arts



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Portland Artist Lea K. Tawd working on her mixed media painting on wood

 Artist Lea K. Tawd meditating beneath her painting "Guided"

 Portland Artist Lea K. Tawd