Reiki healing hands art by Lea K. Tawd

"Mountaintop," Detail. c. 2018 Lea K. Tawd

It is my goal as an artist to bring you beautiful imagery that reflects the beauty and strength that you carry within yourself. In 2018 I received my Master Reiki certification, which complements my artistic goals in so many ways.  

I can now bring you healing through distance and in-person Reiki sessions and classes, as well as directly through my art.  I use Reiki on myself, my art supplies, and the artwork itself so that it can bring as much healing to you as possible.  This has also brought me a great deal of personal healing and a stronger connection to Source, which is where I believe my intuitive imagery comes from.  

I am currently offering pay-what-you-can Distance Reiki sessions so that I can serve as many people as possible.  Reiki is energy healing, so it can be done just as effectively (sometimes even more so!) from a distance.  Please email me to set up a session today.   

Are you called to learn Reiki yourself?  It has been powerfully transformative for me and I would love to share this gift with you!  Check below for current class listings, or contact me at

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