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Testimonial for reiki sessions with Lea K. Tawd

It is my goal as an artist to bring you beautiful imagery that reflects the beauty and strength that you carry within yourself. In 2018 I received my Master Reiki certification, which complements my artistic goals in so many ways.  

I can now bring you healing through distance and in-person Reiki sessions and classes, as well as directly through my art.  I use Reiki on myself, my art supplies, and the artwork itself so that it can bring as much healing to you as possible.  This has also brought me a great deal of personal healing and a stronger connection to Source, which is where I believe my intuitive imagery comes from.  

Click the images below to schedule your distance Reiki session, 3 Hour Creative Coaching Intensive (combining art and Reiki to find your flow), or sign up for a Reiki workshop.

Distance Reiki Sessions

 3 hour creating unblocking session Reiki Workshops


 More Reiki Testimonials

"I had the most amazing Level 1 workshop from Lea last month.  It was magical! I feel like it opened up a whole new path for me." -Mari

"I cannot say enough nice things about my reiki experience with Lea! From the second I walked in, Lea's calming energy helped me feel comfortable and peaceful.  I found her presence to be gentle and grounding.  She created a safe space for me to relax and be open to healing.  She has a real gift for connecting with people--I felt very trusting and very cared for. I look forward to going back for another visit!" -Kelly

"Lea's warm, gentle, and inviting spirit guides me through a quiet space.  Our sessions have a lasting effect, and leave strong impressions of self reflection and relief from physical pain as well.  I can't recommend her enough." -Katie

"It is been a long time since I have received Reiki and I full heartedly recommend Lea.  During my session I was relaxed and focused.  She provided an atmosphere where I felt welcome and at ease.  Before Lea used any touch during the session, only her hands were hovering over my body I felt a lovely warm sensation at 3 different points.  This to me felt like the positive energy that runs through her.  I look forward to my next session with Lea." -Tess