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When life feels overwhelming, Reiki can help.

I know, because Reiki has helped me find deep healing and massively changed my life.

In the years that I have been practicing and teaching Reiki, I have seen the lives of my clients and students change as well.  They have found a greater sense of calm, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing, and a connection with their greater purpose in the world.

  “I received Reiki from Lea and it was exactly what I was looking for.  The session helped me reconnect with my intuition and hear my insights in a new very meaningful way during lots of uncertainty and anxiety.  If you are looking to reconnect with yourself, your power, and creative side Lea is magic.” - Kate

 Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan and has been further developed over time.  Energy flows through all living things.  When we experience stress, injury and trauma, our energy can become blocked.  These blocks can cause further issues if they are not addressed. Reiki sessions can help reduce and remove these blocks so that you can fully heal.

As an Artist and Holy Fire™/Karuna™ Reiki Master, I can help you on your healing path in many different ways.  Scroll down to see your options.  Not sure which is right for you?  Contact me and we can figure it out together.   

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”I began having [distance] Reiki sessions  year with Lea as a means of self care during these stressful times. Recently I developed a very serious and painful case of Bell’s Palsey (partial facial paralysis).  I decided to do more sessions with Lea to help spur my recovery, in addition to rest and medication. After 2 sessions a week I am on track to be almost fully recovered in about 8 weeks! (Well under the 3-4 months expected).

Reiki has made the difference for me. Nothing beats the way I feel the day after a session with her.  It WORKS.  She is awesome and I highly recommend her services for general health and specific physical challenges.”  -Ronnie