2021 Moon Phase Calendar - FREE U.S. Shipping

$ 30.00

Do you follow the phases of the moon?  

Keeping track of the moon has been such a positive influence in my life that I wanted to share it with you! So I created this beautiful, full-color calendar.  

This 13 x 19" calendar features a print of my painting "Moon Shine" at the top.  The bottom half shows the 1st Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter and New Moon phases, the dates that the moon enters these phases, and the astrological sign that the full and new moons will be in on those dates.

It is such a beautiful and magical way to track the moon and to gain a deeper understanding of the seasons and cycles of your life.

These calendars are printed locally and include a key with all of the astrological symbols.  They will be shipped in a mailing tube. The price includes free shipping!


PLUS!  Share a pic of your calendar in its new home by November 31st, 2020 on Instagram and tag me @LeaKTawdArtist for a chance to win a $75 gift card from @AstroArtistry for a free astrology reading or towards her gorgeous art!

Instagram is not affiliated or responsible for this giveaway in any way.  

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