8 Week Reiki Healing Journey

$ 888.00

Are you ready to take your own healing to the next level?  Do you want a healing experience that can help you on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level?  One that is personalized for the exact healing that YOU need for your own highest good?  Our next round begins on January 5th 2022 at 11 am PDT.

Step in to your highest self with my 8 week Reiki Healing Journey.  

After 8 weeks on this journey, you will feel calmer, more centered, and ready to move forward in your life with confidence.  

"I had the most amazing workshop from Lea last month.  It was magical!  I feel like it opened up a whole new path for me."  -Mari

"I cannot say enough nice things about my reiki experience with Lea!  [Her] calming energy helped me feel comfortable and peaceful.  I found her presence to be gentle and grounding.  She created a safe space for me to relax and be open to healing.  She has a real gift for connecting with people--I felt very trusting and very cared for."  -Kelly

What does our 8 weeks together look like?  All sessions are virtual, so you can join from anywhere in the world.  We will meet once a week, with a private community to connect in between.  Each week you will receive a powerful Reiki healing session, which will be fully personalized to what you need.  Below is an outline of the intention of each week, but each person will have a different experience because we all have different past and present circumstances and different healing needs.  

Week 1 will start with an opening circle.  We will clear your energy field so you will be prepared for the rest of the journey. 

Week 2 will install divine love more deeply in your soul, so that you feel fully supported in your healing. 

Week 3 your timeline will be scanned to find what most needs healing at this point of your life. 

Week 4 will be on a last quarter moon, the perfect time for releasing blocks and empowering your goals.  

Week 5 we will heal your birth trauma--this can be your own birth or the birthing of your children. 

Week 6 will show you your next steps on your spiritual path. 

Week 7 will bring you the soothing and healing energy you need. 

Week 8 is our Closing Circle and final healing session in the series.  


More details:

  • The 1st 5 people to pay in full will get a free BONUS 1-1 distance Reiki session with me
  • Every attendee will receive a free gift in the mail before the journey begins
  • Meetings are every Wednesday at 11 am PDT, beginning January 5th, and will last about one hour
  • You will always have the opportunity to share and connect with the group, but it is not required.  
  • I will be available on Marco Polo if you need support between sessions. 


Scholarships are now available!  To apply, click this link.  Application must be completed by December 26th, 2021.  Apply Here.

If you don't know me yet, I am Lea K. Tawd.  I am a Holy Fire™ III/Karuna™ Reiki Master, artist and author.  I have been a Reiki Master and Teacher since 2018, and I love bringing healing to my clients through private sessions, group workshops, Reiki classes and through my own artwork.  I am continually in awe of the healing power of Reiki, and have seen it work on my clients on the spiritual, emotional, and even physical level.  

Before I was trained in Reiki, I was lost.  I was a mom to a teenager and a toddler.  I was struggling to make my art, find time for myself, or even take care of myself in many of the most basic ways.  Reiki helped me release grief that I didn't even know I was carrying; connected me deeply to my own intuition and innate gifts that I had become so disconnected with; guided me through intensely transitional parts of my life; connected me more deeply with Source and with the Muse; and continues to guide me on my life's path.


I know your life is busy.  You have a lot on your plate.  But there is never a better time to take care of YOU.  Imagine wrapping up the year as a whole new you, ready to take on whatever next adventure is waiting for you in the next season.  I can't wait for you to come on this Reiki Healing Journey with me!



What is Reiki?  

Reiki (RAY-key) is energy healing.  The practitioner channels universal life force energy--the energy that flows through all living things--to help you heal for your highest good.  Reiki is excellent for rest and relaxation and to promote healing.   You may think of it as hands-on healing, which it is when it is in person.  It is equally effective at a distance and can be sent anywhere in the world.


What if there is something private that I don't want to share, but I want to heal?

You never have to share anything that you aren't ready to.  One of the unique qualities of Reiki is that I do not need to know what you are going through.  It is a very intelligent energy and will always work for your highest good. 


What if there is something that I'm not ready to heal yet?

Reiki needs your permission in order to assist your healing.  If there is something that you're not ready to face, it will not go there.  


Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes, if you cannot pay the full price all at once, you may make two payments of $444.  Just choose that option from the drop down menu, and you will be billed for the 2nd payment before class starts.  If you need to make additional arrangements, please contact me.

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