Big Coloring Posters - 13 x19"

$ 14.00

*Use the coupon code "RelaxAndColor" for $6 off of your order!*

My new posters for doodling & coloring are the perfect size for spending hours and hours relaxing in a sea of color.  They are 13 x 19", printed on a very high quality paper that accepts multiple mediums and will make a very nice keepsake poster when you are finished.  

*Choose from "Nesting Doll" or "Moonrise"

*Shipped flat.

*Add your own flair by doodling in some of the spaces before you color!

*Colored pencils are not included.

*As you can see from the "messy" picture, my 20-month-old helped me test out lots of different mediums for you!  We found that markers, colored pencils, crayons, and even a light watercolor wash worked very nicely.  If you would like me to test out any other mediums for you, let me know!



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