"Comfort" 12 x 16" mixed media painting on reclaimed wood

$ 380.00

At her breast is a girl sucking her thumb, self-comfort in one of it's earliest forms. (A secret--that little girl is from a photo of me as a child).  To me, this painting is about adolescence and vulnerability. Remembering childhood but being not yet fully grown, or maybe just about allowing that child to live on inside of you, allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Giving yourself comfort when you need it. 

"Comfort" is an original, one of a kind mixed media painting on reclaimed wood. It is approximately 12" x 16" and about 3/8" thick. I used collaged paper, acrylic, pencil, and ink. It is sealed with several protective layers of clear acrylic varnish. The back is signed, titled, and dated and there is a wire ready to hang.

Shipping for most original paintings is calculated manually and billed separately.  Please contact me for a shipping quote in advance of purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you purchase a work of art from my shop, you are buying the piece itself, not the copyright or any rights to reproduction. Reproduction rights must be purchased from me in writing.

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