"Disguise," 8x8 original painting

$ 130.00

A disguise not for hiding but for becoming more of who you really are.

"Disguise" is an original mixed media painting on wood panel. I used paper, acrylic, pencil, and ink. The materials are layered in such a way as to be archival. It is finished with several protective layers of clear acrylic varnish. The sides are painted black and there is a sawtooth hangar installed on the back so it is ready to hang on your wall when it arrives at your home.

This painting will be carefully packaged and shipped USPS Priority mail (unless otherwise noted and except to countries outside the U.S.).

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you purchase a work of art from my shop, you are buying the piece itself, not the copyright or any rights to reproduction. Reproduction rights must be purchased from me in writing.


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