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Lea K Tawd, Visual Artist

"Open Your Loving Heart," 24" x 36" mixed media on wood

"Open Your Loving Heart," 24" x 36" mixed media on wood

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She holds us all in love, in all of our diversity.  She cradles us in her arms and reminds us that we are all made of light no matter where we come from or what our identity is, no matter the color of our skin and all our other apparent differences.  We stand together in community, sisterhood, friendship, and healing. 

As the world seems to become more divisive in so many ways, my personal life is filled several beautiful communities of women.  All of my paintings are created intuitively, without a plan.  As I began to work on this one the paper doll shaped women came to my mind as a representation of our connectedness, but I did not want them to all look the same.  I created a stencil that included a wide range of female forms to attempt to represent as many types of women as possible.  

"Open Your Loving Heart," is a one of a kind, original painting. I created it using a variety of mixed media including acrylic, collage, graphite on a solid 18" x 36" wood panel. The mediums are carefully layered for maximum archival quality and sealed with varnish. It is signed on the back and ready to hang.

**Shipping for most original paintings is calculated manually and billed separately.  Please contact me for a shipping quote in advance of purchase.**


This painting has been infused with Reiki to help bring healing to those who gaze upon it. <3


IMPORTANT NOTE: When you purchase a work of art from my shop, you are buying the piece itself, not the copyright or any rights to reproduction. Reproduction rights must be purchased from me in writing.

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