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Lea K Tawd, Visual Artist

“What Flows Between Us" a 24 x 18" mixed media painting

“What Flows Between Us" a 24 x 18" mixed media painting

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What DOES flow between us?

There is the physical: warmth, smells, body language and micro-expressions. And there is the energetic: our bio-fields, the intermingling of our spirit-bodies, spirit guides and seemingly random thoughts and ideas that we pluck from "nowhere.”

What Flows Between Us speaks to this. Both the physical and the intangible. The figures appeared to me immediately when I first saw the wood grain. The title came next, before I laid down any paint. Sometimes it happens this way. The rest of the painting was intuition and play, following my own mark-making around the wood substrate.

"What Flows Between Us” is an original, mixed media painting. I used acrylic paint, collage, ink, and acrylic mediums on a cradled wood panel. The media are layered so as to be archival. It is ready to hang as is or framed if you desire. It measures 24 x 18"

All of my paintings are infused with Reiki energy healing.  


Shipping for most original paintings is calculated manually and billed separately.  Please contact me for a shipping quote in advance of purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you purchase a work of art from my shop, you are buying the piece itself, not the copyright or any rights to reproduction. Reproduction rights must be purchased from me in writing.

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