Mixed Media Paintings

I seek out and discover the beauty in every woman and use that vision to create uniquely individual mixed media paintings. The finished pieces are a Utopian vision of inner beauty manifested; they serve as a reminder to the viewer that one should take care of oneself, find moments of peace, kindness, and self-love. I paint directly on wood, so the wood grains help to inform the finished piece.  Layers of acrylic paint, pencil, collage, and occasionally other mediums are added in a such a way as to be archival.*

Shipping for most original paintings is calculated manually and billed separately, unless otherwise noted in the listing.  Please contact me in advance of purchase for a shipping quote.  If you would like the shipping to be included in the order so you only have to make one payment, that can easily be arranged.


*Most of my work is on locally sourced wood panels, but some paintings are on found wood, including wood that has been greatly distressed and cannot be guaranteed to be archival.  This will be noted in the listing of such paintings.